Intelligent Person Re-Identification and Tracking Solutions

Key Features:

Bayan Person Detection Module

  • Bayan person detection module detects and locates human bodies within an image, and returns accurate body bounding boxes.
  • Cross-Ethnicity people detection ability: performs well on different clothing styles, even on Muslim women wearing Hijab for the first time
  • Trained on our large-scale annotated data set containing cross-cultural people
  • Detecting multiple, overlapped, and occluded people

Bayan Person Comparing Module

  • Bayan person comparing module verifies that if two images belong to the same person or not, with its corresponding similarity score.
  • Powered by Bayan-Vision Group’s innovative deep learning models, and a large-scale training database, person comparing module offers an accuracy higher than 99% in real world applications.

Bayan Person Re-Identification Module

  • Bayan person re-identification module detects people in a given image and re-identifies them with its known people data set providing a similarity score, or identifies as unknown if the person is not familiar.

Bayan Person Searching Module

  • Bayan person searching module finds similar-looking people to a queried person image, from a given collection of people with some degree of confidence.

Bayan Person Grouping Module

  • Bayan person grouping module detects all of the people in a collection of images and after that clusters them by using Bayan person comparing module.
  • It can be used to make large-scale person data sets arranged and searchable.

Bayan Person Tracking Module

  • Bayan person tracking module can track a specific person or multiple people in a give video sequence.
  • It consists many special algorithms and award-winning deep learning models.

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